AustLII's 2021 End of Financial Year Appeal - Please help us provide the community with free access to the law


Twice each year -- in June and December -- we ask you to donate to AustLII. We are deeply grateful to everyone who makes a donation, not only because you donated, but also because your contributions are a vote of confidence in us and in our mission of helping others find and understand the law.

2020 was truly an extraordinary year for all of us! Despite an extremely difficult environment, AustLII continued to provide a service that was even more heavily relied upon than usual. Usage of the AustLII service increased from 233 to 238 million page accesses and over 6.5 million distinct hosts were served.

The comprehensive free access to legal information that we provide was vital in assisting many lawyers and other professionals to maintain their practice and to support the new ways in which people now work.


AustLII's fundamental guiding principles are that free access to public legal information is a democratic right that promotes justice and the rule of law, and that public legal information is digital common property and should be accessible to all on a non-profit basis and free of charge. We are providing an essential service delivering critical national research infrastructure supporting justice and enabling the rule of law for Australia.

AustLII operates as a charity in order to deliver its mission of free and anonymous access to public legal information. We rely on your support to provide the essential funding that enables the AustLII Foundation to maintain the technical capacity and the computing infrastructure to keep AustLII online. Donations are our core income and these are vital to ensuring that AustLII can continue to provide the vital service upon which we all rely.

Your donations keep us focused on what AustLII can give the public, both now and in the future, and help the millions of people who rely on being able to freely access the law.

Can you please make a financial contribution to help us provide the community with free access to the law.